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Connolly Financial Group, LLC is a financial services firm with over 18 years of experience. We have a tested and proven business model that we continuously refine with a fresh, new way of thinking. We are dedicated to helping you achieve financial independence by developing a comprehensive financial relationship and ensuring your retirement plans work in concert with all pieces of your financial strategy. At Connolly Financial Group, LLC, we empower you to safely navigate today’s professional and retirement paths. We work with you to identify your financial goals and implement a strategy to achieve your retirement plans. So, how are we truly different than the many firms offering investment and retirement advice?

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Retirement  Planning

According to AARP, 43 % of Americans spent more time planning a recent vacation than they spent planning for retirement. At Connolly Financial Group, LLC, we treat retirement planning much like vacation planning. We thoroughly plan our destination, arrival times, and activities to do.

Investments and Insurance

If you are preparing for retirement, saving for a child’s education or planning for a second home, look to Connolly Financial Group for guidance on your investment needs. We are dedicated to helping you realize your dreams. We will help you define your goals as an investor and ensure our recommendations work in concert with your overall financial strategy.

Tax and Estate Planning

Connolly Financial Group, LLC has a strategic partnership with Stovall and Associates, LTD. Our Firm utilizes their team of CPA’s to provide tax planning, preparation and filing services for our clients. Our clients receive proactive advice on tax reduction strategies based on income, expenses, individual needs, and goals.


Connolly Financial Group is here to help, and answer any questions. Send us a short message and we will get back to you right away.

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