Medicare and Traveling Abroad

If you decide to retire in a foreign country outside the US or if you would like to spend most of your time traveling overseas, you will not take your Medicare plan with you. So if you are a retiree and your wish is to live outside the US, partly due to health problems but […]

Top 7 Life Insurance Myth’s

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! Unfortunately, life insurance myths can be some of the most persistent misleading misinformation affecting people planning retirement. These findings can commonly lack adequate research to back up the popular perceptions. Consequentially, a few have fallen into avoidable financial traps. Insurance has the potential to be the strongest plan with […]

Retirement Planning Milestones To Mark on Your Calendar

When it comes to retiring, experts are pretty unanimous, Americans are not as prepared as they should be. There are many smalls steps that people should take to have the lives that they want in their golden years. These steps also tend to coincide with certain milestones that you should mark on your calendar. December 31 […]

First blog

Welcome to the Connolly Financial Group website and blog. We are so happy you made it and hope to see you back soon. We will be adding insightful and useful information to help with your financial planning needs!